Month: January 2018

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Casino Safety Tip Bring Emergency Identifications

With all the patrons lugging around huge amounts of cash, the casino is really a hotspot for dishonest people. Thus, being put in an emergency situation is a high possibility. When visiting a casino, it is always handy to bring emergency identification pieces.

Emergency identification pieces are paraphernalia that contains your name and the name and contact details of a person who could be contacted in case of an emergency. These paraphernalia should differ from the identification that you keep in your wallet, so that when your wallet becomes lost or stolen, the casino staff would still know who to contact.

Here are a few general pointers in creating and maintaining emergency identification pieces:

1. Use your cell phone and other personal gadgets as reservoirs of information

In case you are suddenly struck ill or are involved in an accident, the quickest way for casino staff to contact your relatives or friends is through your cell phone. Designate a space in your mobile’s phonebook for an emergency contact. Make sure that it is on top of your list. You could also do the same in your portable media player or palmtop.

2. Carry a secondary identification card in your pocket, and not in your wallet

In case something goes awry at a robbery, you could not expect emergency helpers to still find your wallet and/or cell phone. Because of this, you need to carry a secondary identification card in your pocket.

Ladies often carry their identification in their bags or pouches, since oftentimes they have no pockets. However, this practice is far from safe, since once your pouch is stolen, then everything would be gone. Always find a space to carry a secondary identification.

A secondary identification card could be anything from a business card to another ID to your casino club card. What is important is that your name is indicated on it and another contact number, be it your home, office, or friend.

3. Make sure you get remembered by a casino host

And just to be sure, make sure you get acquainted with a casino host once you step inside the establishment. Casino hosts are often very generous to assist you in your visit. By doing so, you can be sure that at least the host could be contacted in the case of an unlucky encounter.

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