Online Gambling Win More, Lose Less, Stay Safe

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Online Gambling Win More, Lose Less, Stay Safe

Online gambling is great fun, especially when you win. In fact, it’s so much fun that if you’re not careful, you might get hooked. Like excessive eating and excessive exercise, excessive gambling is not so good – especially when you lose.

So how do you minimize the risk of excessive gambling – and losing – online? How do you win more, and enjoy more, in the process?

Here are five ways to help you win more, lose less, and stay safe while gambling online:

1. Know your game. Understand the rules, understand the tricks, understand the ins and outs of your games. It follows, naturally, that you should limit yourself to playing one or two games. It would be very difficult to master 3 games all at once.

2. Keep a sound mind in a sound body. Gambling is challenging enough when you’re awake, alert and in full control of your wits. Don’t try to gamble when you are sleepy, fatigued or drunk: You won’t enjoy it very much, especially because you will most likely lose.

3. Use a debit card. This is the safest way to bet in an online casino because a debit card has a limit. Once it’s empty, it’s empty. In fact, it would be best if you transfer its contents first to a “safety” account and leave only what you’re prepared to lose for that day. Which brings us to number 4:

4. Be prepared to lose. Gambling is not your job. Right??? Don’t expect to earn money from it. You pay money for your other entertainments, and you pay money to gamble. Let me say that again: Be prepared to lose.

5. Pocket your winnings. Don’t use your winnings to gamble some more. Keep track of how much money you had when you started, and when you win something, pocket the extra – if there is an extra – and play with whatever was left. At no point should you play with more money than when you started. Whatever goes into that “winnings pocket” should never come out again as long as you’re online.

With these five basic tips, you can be sure to keep your online gambling a safe and enjoyable activity. Remember that in any sport, the key to success is self-discipline and a love for the game itself, not for the material rewards. Just apply the same principles to your online gambling: discipline yourself, play for the sake of playing, enjoy it when you win, shrug it off when you lose, and have clean, safe fun!

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